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Pro’s and Con’s of Business Phone Systems

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The following are the pro’s and con’s of hosted, digital, and VoIP business phone systems.

Hosted Solutions 

Pro’s –

  • Cheap TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Cheap monthly operating cost

Cons –

  • Relies completely on internet connections (if any connection between you and the other person has an issue your call may not work)
  • No guarantees of call quality (typically very poor)
  • No guarantee of ability to call
  • Not regulated by PSC (Public Service Commission) or FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
  • Company could be anywhere in the world
  • Company may not be around next month
  • Requires large data connections from your internet provider
  • No multi-office connectivity over VPN’s

Digital Phone System 

Pro’s –

  • Stable and reliable
  • Phone lines come from your local phone or cable provider
  • Supports Analog, PRI, and T1 signaling
  • Good for Hotel/Motel environment
  • Local phone companies are regulated by the PSC or FCC


Cons –

  • Very proprietary
  • Requires a special set of skills to make changes
  • Typically relies on specialty technicians trained in older technology
  • Facing end of life due to outdated technology
  • Not feature rich
  • Limited call control for receptionist
  • Cabling is expensive


VoIP Systems 

Pro’s –

  • Proven technology
  • Can be managed by any person that is computer literate
  • Supports Analog, PRI, and T1 circuits provided by the phone or cable provider
  • Easily connects to current computer network
  • Uses standard network communication technology
  • Reasonably priced
  • Feature rich with options like call center, monitoring, and remote administration.  Also follow me features which automatically forward to other phone numbers outside of the organization such as cell phones
  • Multi office connectivity over VPN’s

Cons –

  • Typically need to purchase new phones
  • Requires an analysis to see if the current infrastructure will support VoIP
  • Upfront coast (usually can be spread over time with leasing)


To find out what solution is best for you and your budget contact a Wilson Technology Group representative at:  352-796-9891; cs@wilsontechgroup.com  or visit our web site: www.wilsontechgroup.com


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