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Why Is Firewall Protection Important For Your Business?

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With the economy being tight and everyone still trying to shed unnecessary expenses I often get the question from customers of why they should spend money on a firewall.  The question is unfortunately not a very simple one.  In the current state of our economy utilizing the protection of a firewall appliance is more important now more than ever.  To understand why you should or shouldn’t spend the money on a firewall is better answered by understanding what they do and how they work.

What does a firewall do?  Basically it is a layer of protection between your business and the rest of the world. Most people ask the same question though. Why would anyone be after my information? I don’t have anything.  The short answer is that you probably have a lot more information stored on your computer or network than you realize.

Today’s hackers are not just the little geek in his basement that is bored and curious to see if he can get into some TV station and create chaos to brag to his friends about.  Hackers today are financed by organized crime organizations and their focus is identity theft.  The banks and financial institutions spend millions of dollars trying to keep their security systems in top shape due to stiff regulations by the government.  Hackers know that a bank is a dangerous target that has really strong security that they may not be able to access so naturally they are seeking an easier target that will be easier to access and not get caught.  The risk analysis is fairly simple, the hacker figures that a small company will not be able to afford the expense of having a good firewall and although the payoff is not as big there is still a good payoff.  They also know that if they steal 100 identities and keep the total theft small and random then the chances that the police are going to be able to track them down are slim.  Considering that most hackers are not on American soil it also reduces the risk because they know that the only agencies that have any authority to chase them are the FBI or secret service and the local police will be helpless.  If you were a victim of identity theft and lost $25,000 would you be more focused on trying to catch the person or worried about how to recover?  Reality is that identity theft is a nightmare that could take years to resolve.

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