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What To Do Before Calling For Tech Support

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Preventing problems in the first place and general troubleshooting before calling for Tech Support from your IT vendor can save you down time AND money.   Why call us to plug in a power cord?   This may seem obvious to you, but it isn’t to everyone.   The following recommendations are basic tools for you to use to a) prevent problems on your network and b) troubleshoot problems that have an easy ‘fix’ and do not require the skills of a technician.

General Maintenance

       Clean equipment as needed.   Using a damp (not wet) cloth, gently wipe down equipment.    Some equipment, such as computers, have a fan which cools the item.    Unfortunately, it also pulls in dust, animal hair, and anything else in the vicinity.  If too much debris builds up on the fan, it will stop working resulting in overheating and eventual harm to the computer.  Key boards on computers or the dial pads of phones can be wiped and/or cleaned using a compressed air blower or dust remover.  The Jelly Donut Syndrome is prevalent on phone key pads and is the result of sticky fingers (those donuts were delicious!) leaving residue on the key pad.

       Get recommended updates.


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