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What To Do Before Calling For Tech Support, cont.

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The following are additional areas to assess before calling for tech support:

       Check fuses.   You may have lost power due to a storm

       Check battery back-up.  If it is beeping, it means it needs to be replaced.   And don’t forget – the battery backup does not last forever.   If you have more equipment plugged into it then is recommended, its life will be shorter.   It will also be shorter if there have been lots of ‘hiccups’ and power outages.

       Check power supply.   Is the equipment plugged in?   This includes the surge protection, battery, computer, phone, etc.   Is the connection loose?   If the connection is not secure, a minor touch could momentarily interrupt the power supply resulting in lost data (if it is the computer connection) or lost caller (if it is the phone)

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