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Should You Retain Your Existing PBX?

Should you retain your existing PBX, modify it, or replace it altogether with a software-based solution?  That is the question many enterprises face today, and the makeup of their voice system must be considered when reviewing long-term plans for their organization’s IT strategy.

The old saying is, “If it is not broke, don’t fix it.”  Abandoning a legacy PBX system altogether  simply is not feasible for some enterprises.  After investing thousands of dollars into equipment, from handsets to the PBX itself, retiring the system might be out of the question.   If you are reading this, it has become evident that your enterprise has outgrown its current system, your legacy PBX is lacking modern features that could help you gain competitive advantage, and/or your enterprise is expanding rapidly.  Obviously, simply retaining your legacy PBX and hoping that it will continue to meet future demand is much like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand.\

Businesses that are well-served by their existing PBX and looking to avoid the cost of new equipment may opt for legacy PBX integration.  Integration solutions allow an enterprise to keep its existing PBX and free up the capital expense for other expanding business needs.  According to PCWorld’s  Zack Stern, SIP hardware and software companies are eager to undercut traditional office systems; as such, some enterprises might be able to save by making the switch.

“Your biggest savings could come from cutting your current ISDN PRI/BRI cord – the phone ‘trunk’ into your business,” Stern says.  With SIP trunking in its place, you instead connect through your ISP, sharing phone traffic with your Internet service.  “The switch can streamline your monthly fees.  But you will have to add hardware to make this transition.  Many SIP systems can work with your currently installed PBX hardware.  You will connect from the PBX phone system into border controller hardware, which in turn connects to your Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).  The ITSP finally taps into the public phone network, reaching anyone on any phone.”

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Taken from:  Compare Business Products:  What To Do with Your Legacy PBX 2012


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Selecting A Business Phone System: Avoid Buying Solely on Price

Be careful when considering cloud providers that offer a low price.  You may be giving up quality of service and potential loss of revenue in exchange for a lower monthly cost.  If you go with a traditional solution, you have to consider the initial investment in the hardware PBX, the installation of the phone system, the ongoing maintenance and enhancement to it if your business expands, as well as the monthly fees.

Consider a leasing program to offset the initial investment to be spread over time.  Whatever option you choose, be sure to calculate the total cost of ownership since a cloud based solution is never owned but rather a monthly expense that never goes down and could potentially go up or go away completely if the company is not stable enough.

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Avoid Going To Your Residential Provider When Selecting A Business Phone System

It is easy to go with a company that you have used before.  It is an easy place to start.  But, just because they can meet your residential needs does not mean their service is the right solution for your business.  You need a system that makes you look professional and gives you the tools to manage your business communications.   We highly recommend that you explore your options beyond the standard service providers.

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Selecting a Business Phone System: Avoid Forcing a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

Mistake: And lastly, probably the biggest mistake most make, is picking a solution that does not work the way you work. Are you on the road often? Do demands from your personal life come up at times, forcing you to work remotely? How you work must be considered when selecting a phone system for your business, but is often overlooked when just going down a features / functionality selection checklist.

 How to Avoid: Get a system that works for you, not against you. Choose a system that is flexible, dynamic and works the way you do. If you’re often on the road, for example, don’t purchase a phone service that only works in your office. Select a phone system that can work in multiple locations, connecting you with your customers when you’re in the car, office or at an off-site meeting. Pick a solution that not only meets your needs today, but also has a focus on innovation, so as your business grows and your needs change, it can too.

 As a business, you want customers to be able to reach you. The correct phone system allows customers, current and future, to reach you. The solution you choose should be flexible, grow with your company and allow you to work from anywhere.


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