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The Telephony Market Landscape

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The telephony market has shifted to the point where most PBX  vendors offer Internet Protocol PBX (IP PBX)  allowing businesses the ability to move beyond the core functionality of yesterday’s basic desk phone.  As a result, VoIP continues to gain market share and many businesses are making the switch from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS).  Hosted VoIP is becoming popular because it is low-cost (short term) and low-maintenance.   There are negatives, however.  Cost can be quite high in the long run, to name just one.

More than just a cheaper replacement for legacy voice systems, VoIP moves voice out of its traditional IT silo in the enterprise environment.  And with that move comes the opportunity for businesses to grow and expand in ways that traditional voice solutions never allowed.  Hidden benefits of VoIP include the ability to provide rich media services and with proper IP connectivity, VoIP offers number mobility with a phone device capable of using the same number virtually anywhere.  And perhaps the most potent arrow in VoIP’s quiver is its ability to enable Unified Communications which in turn will feed the growing popularity of the virtual workplaces.

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Taken in part from:  Compare Business Products – What do Do with Your Legacy PBX  2012

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