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Cabling: You Get What You Pay For

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As we become more and more dependent on our technology, it is important that we don’t forget the cabling that this  runs on.   We don’t see most cabling so we tend to forget that it exists yet it is the foundation of our network.  

Low voltage cable installers are required, by state law, to be licensed.   Is your contractor licensed?  In the state of Florida, find out by going to:  www.myfloridalicense.com.

Many also have the internationally respected credential of a BICSI RCDD – an individual who has trained and tested to the highest degree of telecommunications design knowledge known in the industry.  An RCDD is uniquely positioned to create the detailed design of new systems and/or the integration of a design into an existing system.  The credential is globally recognized within the ITS industry.   It is frequently required by many private and governmental organizations as part of the bidding criteria.

What can a BICSI RCDD offer you?


o   Every RCDD has successfully completed and passed an extensive exam on the fundamentals of telecommunications distribution design.   All RCDD’s have a minimum of five years experience.


o   RCDD’s must keep their knowledge current to maintain their designations


o   Formerly tested on their working knowledge of industry codes and standards applicable in their region


o   An RCDD is trained on both!


o   Technology is changing daily.  The required CEU’s and access to the latest industry information provides RCDD’s with accurate and current knowledge about emerging technologies.  This ensures you will receive the best in long-term cabling solutions for your organization.


o   RCDD’s have been tested in the proper design of vendor-neutral cabling systems and are not limited by specific product criteria.  BICSI credentialing encourages innovation, use of advanced industry techniques and big picture thinking.

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