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Businesses Internal Security Vs. Employee Behavior

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According to Ross Brewer, VP and Managing Director for International Markets at LogRhythm, ” There is a clear gap between businesses’ internal security procedures and the harsh reality of employee behavior.  In an era where data breaches are considered inevitable, and with the government urging for greater consideration of cyber threats within businesses, the amount of employers who are doing nothing about unauthorized access across their networks – and the even higher number who do not perceive any risk at all when it comes to employee data theft – it is staggering.”

What data is most often compromised?  The most accessed confidential data related to details of colleague salaries and details of colleague bonus schemes.

“Even more worrying than the lack of systems in place to stop employees stealing data is that many organizations still have no idea of what is happening on their networks at all.  With recent government proposals to increase the sharing of cyber threat intelligence among businesses, the first stage must be to ensure that more employers have the right level of visibility to track suspicious or abnormal behavior on their own networks.”   Unfortunately, this is not happening.

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