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Is Your Smartphone a Target for Hackers?

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The simple answer is yes.  As opposed to your computer, your smartphone is always on, connected to the Internet, logged into your email and social media, and likely has at least a username stored for your bank account.  Your smartphone contains as much sensitive information as your wallet does – more, ifyo count the contact information for your family and friends.

Text messaging, for instance, are easily exploitable, especially since a an average test messaging application takes no security precautions.  They open automatically and load as soon as your phone connects to a network; in effect, they cannot be blocked.

In order to keep your mobile information private and safe, keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off unless your need them and install a mobile security suite on your phone.   It is also recommended that you disable or uninstall social media applications – the HTML versions of Facebook and Twitter are more secure and much easier on a phone’s battery life.

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