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Cybercrime: Steps to Protect Your Business

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In the current threat landscape, no business is safe.  Every business is a prime target for cybercrime.  You can protect your business by following these tips and best practices:

  1. STAY VIGILANT.  Ensure that you and every one of your employees (technical or not) stay abreast of the latest in cybercrime.  Be educated about the newest fraud schemes and apply best practices such as not responding to unsolicited email messages or opening attachments and clicking suspicious links embedded in them.
  2. ENFORCE INTERNAL SECURITY POLICIES.  It is also wise to enhance your network security and banking protocols.
  3. PLAN AHEAD.  Always be on the lookout for suspicious online activities and prepare contingency plans for any instance of actual compromise.
  4. SECURE YOUR DEVICES.  Make sure your devices or endpoints are secure.   Products are on the market that provide protection anywhere and anytime for your business data.


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