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Backup and Recovery Bolsters Managed Services Offerings

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Like it or not, data loss is a cost of doing business.  Whether as a result of unintentional or malicious action, the typical business at some point loses data.  The question then becomes whether a business can recover lost data.  With the advent of cloud computing, data backup and disaster recovery (DR) has become more accessible and affordable for companies large and small.  And no one is better equipped than the MSP (Managed Services Provider) to deliver the services as an integral part of an overall package to remotely monitor and maintain the IT environments of their clients.

Although the break-fix model still exists today, many businesses cannot afford the loss of productivity during these downtimes.   Thus the advantage of remote monitoring in recent years as we have become more and more dependent on technology.  While remote monitoring prevents most downtime, backup and DR solutions minimize downtime and accelerate recovery.

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