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How to Get Rid of Unwated Toolbars

Unwanted toolbars are meant to be short cuts.   The problem is, that the more tool bars you have, the less screen real estate you have.  They also eat up system resources and will slow your system.  They can also interfere with search results.

Internet Explorer- the  one most likely to have unwanted toolbars

1)  Click on wrench or gear

2) Choose internet options

3)  Program tab – manage add-ons

4)  On left, check search providers

5)  To change home page, go back to the general tab

Mozilla Firefox

1)  Click the Firefox button

2)  Choose add-ons, extensions

3)  To reset your homepage, go back to the Firefox button, options, general tab and start up button


1)  Hit the Cog ico

2Choose preferences

3)  Then, click extensions

Google Chrome

1)  Click the Three-LIned icon

2)  choose settings, extension

3)  Hit trash can or updates


1)  Understand the cost of ‘free’

2)  Slow down your clicking – next!


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Taken from:  Computer Tips 101

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The REAL SOURCE of Network Break-Ins – Social Engineering

Despite what happens in the movies, statistics show that most system break-ins DO NOT occur because a hacker hacks his way in using computer tricks.  Instead.  Most break-ins are accomplished using what hackers call “social engineering,” meaning they call a person up on the phone, pretend to be a system administrator or repair person, and trick that unsuspecting person into giving out his password.


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