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Moving to the New Office: Look Beyond Known Needs and Plan Ahead

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In a fully wired office, you will need power and network access for each computer or device, as well as sufficient power outlets and telephone jacks.  Note any area where coverage is lacking.  Depending on how you see your office expanding, also consider future uses for areas.  If a wall is going to be empty, could there conceivably be a desk there at some point?   Or a network printer, scanning or CD duplicating system?  Even if it is unlikely, it is wise to have additional network wiring and access points run to currently unused areas.  Adding an additional few feet of wire now is much cheaper than expanding later.

If your office will be hosting one or more servers, take into consideration the location of the future server room.  Will the future location accommodate the number of servers in your office?  Will it require new data drops to be installed?  Is it properly air conditioned and, if not, can it be fitted with air conditioning?

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