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Moving to the New Office: Placement of Existing Structured Cabling

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Make careful note of the physical layout of the new location, paying particular attention to the location of voice and data network jacks, as well as electrical outlets.  Some property managers can make detailed plans and schematics available to you, which can be an invaluable resource.  If not, you should carefully measure each room in the new location, and reduce all rooms/areas to a diagram.  It should be as accurate as possible.  Note on the diagram as precisely as possible how the existing infrastructure is laid out.  Include power outlets, and existing network and phone outlets.

The main idea of the above is to give you a visual sense of where, physically, the puzzle pieces of your office will fit.  It is one thing to imagine it in your head or to make a general, rough sketch, but finding out on moving day that a space you had intended for a network printer does not have a network cabling jack or the correct type of power outlet could cause you unnecessary headaches.  Try different configurations and consult with your coworkers and staff for input.  Once done, consider how your plan relates to the existing infrastructure.

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