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Moving to the New Office: The Voice and Data Network Infrastructure

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Be aware of the details of the new location’s voice and data network infrastructure, relative to your current and future needs.  While your office manager or some other person in charge of moving may be proud of the fact that he/she has found a great deal on a new office space, it is of utmost that you, as the IT person, be aware of what you are moving into.

From a network cabling/IT perspective, it pays to take careful stock of the new location.  If you are a growing multimedia company moving into a space previously occupied by a financial services firm, be aware that the network infrastructure of the previous tenants may not be sufficient for your company’s needs.  The previous company may have been content using a network rated at 100 Mbps for their 20 employees (CAT 5), but even only 10 employees in a multimedia design will likely have a far more demanding bandwith requirements than 20 people in a financial services firm – which could require a complete re-wire of the entire office.

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