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The Benefits of VOIP

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There are many benefits of VOIP.   One is administration.   The number is assigned to the phone, not the wall jack, so you issue a phone to an employee and it works wherever they plug it in.  With modern VOIP PBX solutions, you have significant administrative control over things like who your employees can call, when they  can call, how long they can talk, who can call them – the range of control can be amazing depending on your vendor.

All of this results in a lower overall cost of ownership for VOIP in many cases.  This is not a generic result and there are many variables, but for many offices VOIP can cut costs dramatically.  But, remember this this also places your voice services on your data network.  Failure of a network element isolates both data and voice service.  This is generally uncommon, but you cannot ignore the fact that losing a switch for instance, will make it impossible for people on that switch to call and report the outage.

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