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The Onsite Survey

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Once in the new location, a cabling installer will be looking at several things to help him or her provide you with a quote.  Specifically, a voice/data network cabling installer will be looking at or verifying:

  • The type of construction in use
  • Location and appropriateness of the server room and/or wiring closet
  • Measuring distances of the various cable runs
  • Determining whether an IDF (intermediate distribution point) will be required.  For larger spaces, or spaces containing many company divisions, it is often necessary or beneficial to have multiple wiring closets to separate logical divisions in a network, or to extend a network beyond 300 feet from the MDF (main distribution point, usually the main wiring closet or server room).
  • Determining whether any special cabling will be required, such as fiber optic to connect remote IDF’s, CAT6 over CAT5e for spaces that might cause interference in data transmissions

Once a cabling professional has been able to physically survey your new or existing location, they will then take the information they have gathered to provide you with a quote.  It is a good idea to get multiple quotes from different vendors.

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