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Do You Know The Value Of Your Data?

In the 1930’s when the newly formed SEC demanded that public companies account for their true costs and profits in regular reports, most of their assets were physical – machines, factories, buildings, land – and assessing their value was straightforward. Now the most important assets for many companies are comparatively abstract and may include patents, copyrights and trademarks. Increasingly, a good chunk of the value of a company lies in the fields of a data base and in secret algorithms used to cut and combine data to reveal new insights. Think of Dun and Bradstreet – they only buy and sell information. It is nothing that you can touch.

Determining the value of your data will also determine your budget to protect it. Obviously, the more value it has, the more to be budgeted to protect it.

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Dollars for Data

It is no surprise that data has a dollar value.  A classic example is the ticker data that flows from stock and futures markets.  A real-time feed of New York Stock Exchange stock prices for use by online media outlets, for instance, costs $25,000 per month.

All personal and corporate data is for sale, from legitimate and black-market brokers alike.  Quick and dirty web research offers the following shopping list:

  • individual criminal histories – $13.95
  • database of US physicians – $239.99
  • DNA for tracing family history – $99
  • 4 million fresh email addresses – $75.95 per week
  • major league baseball game statistics feed – $1,900 per month
  • consumer mailing list – 2.5 cents per record

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