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Types of Cyber Attacks

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Adware – is designed to display advertisements on your computer or mobile device
Botnets – Hackers create botnets by successfully attacking your computer or other device and turning it into a “zombie computer”
Denial of Services – a special form of cyber attack that focuses on the interruption of a network service
Malware – any computer code that has a malicious intent
Phishing – hacker puts “bait” in front of you hoping that you’ll “bite” so they can “hook” you
Ransomware – takes control of your system, holding your information hostage until you pay the ransom to your attackers
Spyware – monitors or spies on its victims, records keystrokes
Trojans – sneaky kind of malware, look harmless or even beneficial and trick you into installing them on your system
Viruses – infect a computer, survive by attaching to other programs or files.
Worms – replicate themselves many times to fulfill a nefarious purpose

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