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Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is a critical element of any business computing and IT solutions and it is also one of the hardest to get right and a frequent source of poor capital equipment investment by businesses.  This is because hardware is simultaneously extremely highly commoditied so it appears initially that there is little differentiation, and also constantly and rapidly evolving.  Businesses need to be smart about capital expenditures on hardware in order to time them so that equipment isn’t obsolete too quickly but is still well enough developed and understood to be useful immediately.  You also need to plan for obsolescence.

The most common areas of hardware expenditure are for servers, storage and security solutions.  These are all absolutely critical and cannot be neglected by any business that uses IT.


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Enhanced Data Security Measures in the Legal Community

I recently read an interesting article about data security in the legal community.   Law firms are targets for cyber thieves and spies because they contain vast amounts of sensitive information that can be sold.  Law firms are generally perceived by data thieves to have relatively lower cyber security standard than their clients.   You can read this article in its entirety by going to:  http://blog.zixcorp.com/2014/03/enhanced-data-security-measures-in-the-legal-community-qa-with-zix-expert-jim-brashear/


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