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The Spotlight On Data Security

Why is there a spotlight on data security?  Data breaches plus identity theft equal liability.  Recall the recent data breach with Target.  Seventy million records were compromised along with 40 million cards.  This resulted in 100+ lawsuits and numerous investigations by AG’s, FTC, and more.

HIPAA related breaches are impacting more than 31  million individuals and includes class action law suits and government investigations.

Florida is the number one state for various types of fraud including identity theft, tax fraud, credit card, phone, utilities and more.  Identity theft equals damages.

Protect yourself.  Hire a reputable vendor to proactively protect your data.


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B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) – Security Challenges

What are some of the B.Y.O.D security challenges?   They include:

  • personal devices plugged into corporate computer networks via USB
  • personal devices connecting to corporate Wi-Fi networks
  • data exfiltration and data theft from lost or stolen devices a)  applications such as office readers on phones b) dropbox used to sunc documents from a work laptop to a personal phone c) potentially sensitive corporate e-mail left on phones

For more information on this topic, contact your local IT vendor or Wilson Technology Group @  http://www.wilsontechgroup.com

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Data Security in Law Firms

I recently read an excellent article by Matthew Goldstein published in DealB%k.  I believe it needs to be read in its entirety.   Accounting and insurance firms are next in line.


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Windows XP End of Life

April 8th, 2014 is fast approaching.  At this time, no new patches will be released for vulnerabilities discovered.  It is a high probability that attackers have exploits developed,  just waiting to be released.

Windows XP is 12 years old.  What can you do to protect yourself?  Upgrade to Windows 7 or beyond.   If that is not possible, isolate all Windows XP machines from the internet.   This will lessen the risk but risk still exists.


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How to Get Rid of Unwated Toolbars

Unwanted toolbars are meant to be short cuts.   The problem is, that the more tool bars you have, the less screen real estate you have.  They also eat up system resources and will slow your system.  They can also interfere with search results.

Internet Explorer- the  one most likely to have unwanted toolbars

1)  Click on wrench or gear

2) Choose internet options

3)  Program tab – manage add-ons

4)  On left, check search providers

5)  To change home page, go back to the general tab

Mozilla Firefox

1)  Click the Firefox button

2)  Choose add-ons, extensions

3)  To reset your homepage, go back to the Firefox button, options, general tab and start up button


1)  Hit the Cog ico

2Choose preferences

3)  Then, click extensions

Google Chrome

1)  Click the Three-LIned icon

2)  choose settings, extension

3)  Hit trash can or updates


1)  Understand the cost of ‘free’

2)  Slow down your clicking – next!


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Taken from:  Computer Tips 101

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Lock Your Computer

If you do not want your ‘friends’ going onto your computer at work or home and posting things on your Facebook/Twitter page on your behalf you need to lock your computer. Windows + L will lock your system right away, requiring a password (if you have set one) to log in again.


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